Zesco United chief executive officer Justin Mumba has expressed disappointment at inconsistent performance by the team.

Addressing the team at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium yesterday, Mumba said the team seems to have lost the fighting spirit that was shown in the CAF champions league.

“We are aware that you have played alot of games this year, but remember at the beginning we set our targets and so far we have done more than expected of us we went to the Semi-finals, we have qualified to the Barclays finals and we want to defend the league title,” he said.

Mumba said the lack of consistency in the performance maybe attributed to the number of games played but stated that it can not be used as an excuse.

He challenged the players that have been registered but never have enough game time  to rise to the challenge and fight for a slot in the remaining games and relieve the other players who have played almost all the games in the season.

“We have confidence in you and we know that you will deliver at the end of the season,we are united and we shall remain like that,” he said.